Do I have abandonment issues? Quiz

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Many people suffer from abandonment issues at some point in their lives, whether it’s because of a past relationship that ended badly or because their parents were rarely around when they were growing up. Often, it can be hard to tell if you have abandonment issues, especially if you’re not consciously aware of them or how they manifest in your life. That’s why we created this quick and easy Do I have abandonment issues? Quiz to help you find out if you have abandonment issues and how serious they are.

Take our quiz now and get your results in just a second at the end of it. No matter what your outcome, we want to help you better understand your relationship with abandonment and learn how to start healing from it in order to move on to healthier relationships in the future. Good luck!

Do I have abandonment issues? Quiz-15 Questions

1. What was your experience with parents during your childhood?

A girl child weeping

2. Have you lost either of your parents or any other loved one during your childhood?

3. Are you worried that your partner will eventually leave you?

4. Do you become uncomfortable when someone gets too close, physically or emotionally?

5. Do you put too much pressure on yourself while trying to please others?

6. How often do you feel like people aren’t giving you enough attention?

7. Does your self-worth depend on others staying with you forever?

Self esteem written on the image

8. How is your overall experienece from the past relationships?

9. How does it make you feel when someone doesn’t respond to your texts or calls right away?

10. Are you afraid of being left behind by others?

11. Are you spending more time at work to avoid having to go home and face the world outside of work?

12. Have you been left feeling abandoned in the past?

Have you been left feeling abandoned in the past?

13. Are you in an unhealthy relationship and afraid of leaving?

14. Do you need continuous reassurance from others that they love you and won't leave you?

15. Do you have a habit of moving quickly from one relationship to another?

Do I have abandonment issues?
Yes, you have abandonment issues

Yes, you have abandonment issues written on the image

After evaluating your answers, we found out that you have abandonment issues. You don't need to worry, instead find the reasons and find some professional help to get rid of them.
No, you don't have abandonment issues

No, you don't have abandonment issues written on the image

After evaluating your answers, we found out that you don't have abandonment issues. So, stop worrying and enjoy your relationships.

The final tips

You have taken Do I have abandonment issues? Quiz. If the results have shown that you have abandonment issues, here are a few tips for you.

Get over it
Do I have abandonment issues? Quiz

Abandonment is a common occurrence in life. The feelings that you associate with it will vary depending on who or what has left you, how long they were a part of your life, and what you expected from them. It’s normal to feel sad, angry, lonely or confused when someone (or something) important leaves.

As humans we are wired to care for each other; when that connection is severed it can trigger intense feelings of loss and sorrow. But knowing how to handle these feelings doesn’t automatically mean they’ll go away. Here are some useful tips:

Be aware of any irrational thoughts you may be having. Many people think an unreasonable amount about their loved ones after they’ve been abandoned by them: Why did she leave me? What if he comes back? I didn’t do anything wrong. These thoughts might help protect us from feeling more pain, but ultimately distract us from moving forward into new relationships.

If negative thoughts creep into your mind, remind yourself that there’s no real evidence behind them—and focus on activities like exercise and socializing instead. Let go of guilt about abandoning others. While there are usually valid reasons why people leave their friends behind, chances are good you aren’t responsible for whatever led to their departure. If you still find it difficult to get rid of abandonment issues, seek professional help from a therapist.

Here ends our discussion on the Do I have abandonment issues? Quiz. We hope you found it helpful. Here are a few more related Quizzes

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